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Outsourcing complicated accounting areas in Moscow

An accountant usually has a wide range of responsibilities including legal matters. It is convenient to outsource challenging parts of accounting to a local contractor when appropriate. Our company will take care of all complicated accounting areas of your business in Russia to improve your business processes. We provide professional bookkeeping and accounting services in Moscow more that 12 years and have proved to be an efficient and reliable provider.

Our experienced and high-qualified accountants and experts will help you with the following complicated legal and accounting matters:

  • Human resources records and payroll;
  • Import and export documents, accounting journal entries and special reports;
  • Controlled transactions reports to tax authorities;
  • Alcoholic beverages and beer reporting;
  • Tax authority audit;
  • VAT refund;
  • Contracts legal advice;
  • Taxation advice.

We will be glad to help you!